Lotus Apartment

The Lotus apartment is hidden just 10 meter away from the center.

Everything is within reach, yet the apartment is secluded, giving you the chance to relax, after a busy day. Stand-alone apartment with private garden.

„At the beginning there was nothing, but the swirling water of dark chaos, until a lotus flower rose above the water. The first ray of light shone upon the lotus and it opened up. The Sun god, the creator of life rose from the flower.

When the Sun sets, it hides in a lotus, as the flower opens up in the dawn, it releases the Sun again.”

The Lotus apartment is the spring of life for lovers. It helps to get rid of everyday routines so that we can once again hear each other’s voice and see the spark in our lover’s eye. A hideaway, where you two can be as one again. A secluded apartment with a peaceful garden. Once you are refreshed, you can go outside, the riverside will always welcome you with a romantic sight.

Stand-alone apartment with a garden, you do not need to share.

Contactless check-in. You can be on your own from the start. You get a code and enter easily.

Fully equipped, self-contained kitchen

WIFI and breakfast are free of charge. Simple and convenient.

Sights 10m. Apartment 50m2. Garden 20m2.

Air conditioned and free Wi-Fi.

Peaceful hideaway in the heart of Szentendre.

Do you wish for a quiet evening in your garden or a night out in the hustle and bustle? It is up to you.

About us

Upon arrival, we enter the apartment of painter Eleonora Ur and writer Zsigmond Sugar. They are in love with Szentendre and fond of walking on the winding cobblestones or by the riverside.

Eleonora Ur’s batik art gallery and the Lotus apartment are adjoining, set next to each other, yet with completely separate entrances. The gallery is open on weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00, where writer Zsigmond Sugar welcomes the visitors. You can meet the painter if you take part in a batik workshop or ask her to be your guide in the galleries of Szentendre.

The time spent with your love is the water/spring of life. Eleonora and Zsigmond continuously seek the spots for a romantic weekend, places like the Lotus apartment.

A romantic weekend with the family? It is possible, we got a sofa bed for the children.

About Szentendre

Szentendre the painters’ town, and indeed you will find an art gallery on every corner. A bohemian town with colorful cafes by the winding river.

It is rewarding to get lost in the town’s old quarter, this is the way to find your lookout point to marvel at the town and river at your foot. You can select from the wide variety of ever-changing contemporary and permanent famed exhibitions in the galleries. If you get tired of sightseeing, you are in the right spot, as there are a lot of restaurants and cafes to choose from.

Fancy going to a secluded small pub in the old quarter? Or feel for a busy restaurant by the riverside? Both are waiting for you.

A Truly Romantic Holiday.

It is only the two of you, nobody else.

A single apartment, all for you.


Our Favourites

Ur Eleonóra Batik gallery

Szentendre, Dumtsa Jenő u. 15

Batik paintings, prints, and bags. A colorful escapade just steps from the apartment.

Margit Kovács Ceramics Museum

Szentendre, Vastagh György u. 1

An exceptional lifework that amazes us every time.

Béla Czóbel Museum

Szentendre, Templom tér 1

A vast collection of masterpieces at the top of the town comes with a panoramic view.

The Painter’s dream.

Original artworks on the wall and in the adjacent gallery.

You can enjoy the creation of your own artwork with the help of the artist.

Batik workshop only for you.


Our Favourites

Breakfast served by the riverside in Café Christine just 5 minutes walking distance away.
The choice of three breakfast types are available.

Café Christine

Szentendre, Görög u. 6.

Impeccable restaurant and panoramic view.

Breakfast menus

I. menu

Fresh croissant and jam.

II. menu

Vienna sausage with baguette, butter and vegetables.

III. menu

Scrambled eggs with two toppings (onion/mushroom/cheese/sausage/bacon), baguette, butter and vegetables.

Each menu comes with a choice of coffee or hot chocolate or fresh orange juice.

Breakfast can be asked to be gluten or lactose free.


Szentendre, Városház tér 2.

Caribbean food in a peaceful garden.

Kacsakő bisztró

Szentendre, right on the river bank.

Cool off the summer heat, take it easy!


Szentendre, Kucsera Ferenc u. 13.

Taste Asian dishes made from premium quality ingredients in a light, relaxed environment.

Do not plan ahead, life is a whistle. Forget the map, get lost in this picturesque city.


Contact us if you want to take part in any of the following:

Batik workshop with Eleonora Ur

Are you interested in art? Would you like to try a two thousand year old technique? Come to the batik workshop and create freely!

3 hours | 45.000 HUF

Guided exhibition at the Batik gallery

Guided tour in the only batik gallery in Hungary. Lecture on the history and techniques of batik, paintings.

1 hours | 15.000 HUF

Guided exhibitions in three museums of Szentendre

Art guide in 3 museums in Szentendre. We start at Ur Eleonora Batik Gallery.

3 hours | 45.000 HUF

And much more...

Horse-riding in Pilis with a trainer for experienced riders only

Fresh from the market (local vegetables, cheese, and perfect bread) 3 minutes from the apartment

Thai and Ayurveda massage close by

Trip to the mountains of the area (Pilis).
Our favourites: Lajos-forrás, Dera-szurdok, Rám-szakadék, Dobogókő

Dömörkapu Rengeteg - (Facebook)

V8 swimming pool and wellness - (Website)

Wiking Yacht Club - (Website)

Festivals and programs in Szentendre: www.szentendreprogram.hu


Contact us at one of the contacts below!

+36 30 531 5213


Kucsera Ferenc utca 10., 2000 – Szentendre, Hungary

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